Condenser Unit Transport Rescue Mission

TUI was hired to handle the logistics of a condenser unit transport after another logistics company failed to meet its commitments. A manufacturing company awarded a hauling contract for two condenser units. It was revealed the logistics company was insufficiently experienced to handle the haul:

  • An 80 ton trailer was sent to carry a 100 ton condenser
  • The logistics company did not order the permits in time and tried to transport without proper permits
  • The truck was in an accident 14 miles from its origin
  • The police inspected the truck, fined the driver, and did not allow the unit to be transported any further
  • The delivery was late and the manufacturing company faced liquidated damages

Our Condenser Unit Transport Solution

The manufacturing company contracted TUI to handle the logistics of the new haul to include:

  • Cranes to transfer the unit, from overloaded combination trailer to a properly equipped 125 ton, 19 axle rig
  • The delivery of unit back to manufacturing company for repair
  • The redelivery of the unit to final destination

Photos of the condenser unit transport